"Peace In Space And On Earth" Videos Released

Featuring Speeches by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich

Los Angeles, CA - Mobilizing citizens to support legislation and a companion world treaty that will ban weapons in space is the aim of two new amazing videotapes, one 85-minute video and one 25-minute video, that features impassioned, informative and inspirational speeches by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, (D-OH) in programs sponsored by the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS).

"We have a responsibility to challenge those who are so filled fear, to challenge those who feel that somehow we live in a unipolar world where America is king, to recognize that every man and woman on this planet is a king...and ought to be given the chance to live out their lives in dignity and decency without fear of destruction," said Kucinich to the frequent standing ovations of 1400+ people in attendance at the Agape International Spiritual Center. "We can reach millions of people in one month through the Internet," and "we can ban all space-based weapons," he told another group of about 250 people who packed a home meeting in Malibu, California, where emphasized "We must do this!"

As Chair of the House Progressive Caucus and Co-Chair of the Aviation and Space Caucus, Kucinich speaks about H.R. 3616, the Space Preservation Act of 2002, as well as the companion international treaty that can be signed now by all nation-state leaders. These documents are designed to permanently ban weapons from being deployed in outer space. He also addresses many subject areas including what it's like to work in Washington these days, and the abrogation of various long-standing treaties by the present administration that were to reduce and eliminate nuclear warheads, as well as many other issues, with the primary focus being on banning space-based weapons - and how to do it. Kucinich also talks about his pending legislation, H.R. 2459, that will create a cabinet level Department of Peace, and emphasized the urgency of supporting and passing HR 3616 and the companion world treaty into law. Kucinich sites a U.S. Space Command report, entitled "Vision for 2020" which openly proclaims its intentions to "dominate the High Heavens."

Kucinich, whose recent speeches and essays have been receiving widespread dissemination over the Internet and in print, delivered an impassioned plea, stating, "I maintain that there is a power within each of us..that can bring love to the world and compassion to the world and understanding to the world - that as we focus our conscious intent on making the world a better place, so it is. And we need to communicate that all across this country. This has to be a part of the promise of America. A new America... Not an America of fear, but an America of hope."

The VHS videos are excellent educational tools for home and community forums. Your donation of $25.00 for each video or $40 for both, will be deeply appreciated, and will help ICIS's efforts for the permanent ban on all space-based weapons by legislation Congressman Kucinich introduced, the Space Preservation Act of 2002 -- H..R. 3616 -- and companion world "Space Preservation Treaty."

For inquiries on bulk and promotional copies, contact: Carol Rosin -- 805 641.1999 -- mailto:rosin@west.net http://www.peaceinspace.com


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